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Beasts, savages, natural disasters -- these are the threats of the jungle, the things Tarzan has learned to control. But there is nothing natural about his current quarry! This collection features three separate, monster-ridden story arcs: "Le Monster," a Phantom of the Opera story; "Modern Prometheus," a Frankenstein story; and "Tooth & Nail," a Jekyll & Hyde story. Beautifully colored, each story showcases its own, period-conscious pallette. There's also a cover gallery section featuring the work of Bernie Wrightson, William Kaluta, and Mark Schultz plus character sketches by Stan and Vince.


The Dark Horse contributions to the Lord of the Jungle are highlighted in this omnibus of previously uncollected stories from Bruce Jones, Thomas Yeates, Timothy Truman, Al Williamson, Lovern Kindzierski, Darko Macan, Igor Kordey, and more! In this volume, Tarzan discovers a new form of helplessness when a deadly virus threatens Jane's life, races against Nazis to uncover an artifact of immense power, encounters classic characters from Victorian literature, and battles Martians in the twenty-fourth century! Collecting Tarzan #1-#20 and Tarzan: A Tale of Mugambi, this omnibus an essential addition to any Tarzan library!



An urban myth, a voodoo incarnation, a mass hallucination, or the Angel of Doom? All of them a manifestation of pre-millennial anxiety. The Victorian seems to have become all things to all people, but whatever he is, he’s the catalyst who will bring the stories of many fractured lives crashing together.

The Victorian - Act I : Self Realization, is a compilation of the first act of the cult status comic series, The Victorian. Each of the seven books in this series features dynamic, painted covers by comic legends like Jim Steranko, Doug Beekman, Tim Bradstreet, and Bernie Wrightson. As a bonus, this book also contains The Victorian Sourcebook featuring a painted front cover by Tim Bradsteet as well as a painted back cover by Rick Berry. The sourcebook helps provide further insights and facinating revelations about The Victorian.


Step into the depravity and seductive pleasures of an Arabian harem. Follow the story of a simple, brave and generous girl whose deeds will become legend!

Full-Color, Hardcover 48-pages


Hector Ashton staggers out of the St. Boniface Hospital psych ward and falls into the Red river. In his delusional state he thinks that he is Odysseys and has been swept into the river Styx. By the time Hector manages to struggle out of the river, he has washed up in the club district of Winnipeg and believes he is now deep in the Underworld. Hector will have to face the trials that Odysseus himself faced on his journey as he makes his way back to sanity, his home and family.


Young lovers try to find time for each other whilst fighting off the undead, and avoiding conscription into the armies of hell.
Jesse is a top intelligence agent working for the Agency. Her boyfriend, Blake, is a Spec Ops soldier working for the Agency, when he is killed in action. However, this does not mean an end to their relationship as Blake discovers that Jesse is a powerful medium and his soul is still tethered to her. Jesse is sent out on an assignment where she uncovers a conspiracy led by a powerful necromancer who is building an army to conquer Hell after his death. Jesse learns to harness her powers to help free Blake's soul and put an end to the necromancer's nefarious plans.

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